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Engagement Off

I know this is a bit late, and I announced it on all of the other internet media, but I'm not engaged to Jonah Falcon and it was all the whole APRIL FOOL'S deal. So there's that. ^_^



I'd like to announce my engagement to Jonah Falcon! I am actually in love...it's about time, isn't it?



Pokéwalker Pocket Pouch

Yes, I know it's a mind-numbingly simple pattern! DON'T RUIN THIS FOR ME BY STATING THE OBVIOUS!



I'm working on a zillion craft projects at the moment and I'm going to start writing about them here, so I suggest you jump ship now if you don't want to read about all of my DIY-ness. No worries, I won't be offended.

I'm almost finished knitting up two of these guys for two adorable children. After that I think I'll cable knit something. And I bought a set of crochet hooks, but damned if I've figured out how to use them.


Evig Pint

I can't even explain how much I adore Kaizer's Orchestra.

Om eg bare fant et hull inn i himmelen
slipper eg å spa kull inn i den store kaminen
Eg har sydd tusen sting, eg er blind, hosten river
Mitt ansikt er gammelt og mine ledd er stive
Men det går bedre hvis me går i lag og i lag
Hvis me bare tar dag for dag
Eg ville bare holdten siste gong rundt min farmen
Eg er redd mitt hjerte er for svakt, er for svakt
Eg er evig pint
Eg har alt som er mitt i et skrin
Eg er full av adrenalin
Eg er evig pint
Gud lar meg bli, gud lar meg bli evig pint
Sett deg inn i mine kår
Så kanskje du forstår
At de aldri vil slippe meg inn i himmelen din
Seks mann og seks hender holder fast i kista
Ingen vett kem som er neste mann på lista
Og snart er det min tur
Kvelden er omme
Men ingen kan fortelle meg om tida som kommer

This LJ Account 4eva.

My other LJ account, which was "misscuriosity" is now gone. Please delete it from your friends list. This is my 100% primary account now.

Every account I have is now under the name "curiosityband," whether it be MySpace, AIM, Gmail, Twitter, Skype, etc.


Skwismaas Carol Update

CHRISTMAS FIC UPDATE - thanks a million-fold to everyone who submitted artwork!!! Right now I am still waiting on two people to get back to me with their illustrations. So it remains to be seen whether I will post this today, or tomorrow. I don't want to post it without all the artwork, but yes, I still want to post it on Christmas Day....so we'll see. It might go up this evening.
I think this fic may contain the longest list of "thank yous" of any fic, ever. So many people helped out and were sweet and generous, I am very, very grateful!

Happy Holidays to everyone reading this, and I love you! *hugs*


I love you, Jamie & Coop.

Since there are no new Metalocalypse eps in sight for seven weeks or so, I've taken to watching Megas XLR again. I'm glad that Titmouse is working on my favorite show, but Megas was certainly cancelled before its time.

This torrent helped ease that pain. Don't do illegal stuff, kids!


Ten Masked Men

I haven't posted anything in a long while, but this was just too good. Of course I can't help but think of Nathan.

Nov. 4th, 2009

In my quest for psychological validation I have declared this journal to be friends only.